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"Mitchell's story is inspiring both for its spiritual dimension and its conventional Horatio Alger narrative."   Publishers Weekly, 4/9/2007


“The moment I read the first page, I was crying I couldn't put the book down. . . I am deeply humbled by this story. I hope it will change the lives of millions of people.It has mine.”

Brian Littrell , Recording Artist, Member of the Backstreet Boys

 This is a great book that reminds me personally of God’s love. I cried real tears reading this, it is a must read. 

--Dave Ramsey, New York Times Best Selling Author, The Total Money Makeover

Before you sit down to read Castaway Kid by Rob Mitchell, I would suggest that you obtain a box of tissues. This compelling story grabs from the first page and helps you to understand what real loneliness and rejection feel like. More importantly it puts into perspective the most important things in life, such as a relationship with God. This is a splendid example of how the hand of God can heal all wounds and boost us toward the goal of realizing our innate potential. When you finish this book, you will be ready to put down the tissue and pick up your conqueror’s helmet.”  

--Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D., Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and author of Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story 

This is a remarkable work of contemporary literature that quickly gets inside the readers’ head then heart. The book starts out as a little boy’s struggle with abandonment but quickly becomes the readers’ own struggle with universal themes of loneliness, fear, rejection, anger, bitterness and how to forgive others and ourselves.

--Dottie Hoots, English educator, Wesleyan Academy, High Point, NC 

“A powerful, compelling message that points to the unimaginable grace of our Heavenly Father.”

--Dan T. Cathy, President and COO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

 “In an era espousing “self esteem,” Rob Mitchell points out with actual experience how badly all of us need God’s help in our lives and endeavors. An important read!”  

--Ben Edwards, Retired Chairman, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. 

Castaway Kid is an emotionally engaging, thought provoking, and spiritually uplifting story that follows a child's journey from abandonment at an orphanage, through childhood, and into maturity. It explores the power of unconditional love and the process of forgiveness that allows hope to enter into even the most extreme life struggles.

Woven into the tapestry of this life are three love stories—the unconditional and constant love of an impoverished grandmother, the caring and gentle love of a no-nonsense dorm mother, and eventually the love of a southern belle who disregards the young man's past and brings him into their future.

The fast pace and cliff hanging chapters often carry the reader into deep emotional waters without giving them time to raise their defenses. Common comments are “It is unlike any book I have ever read” and “I have never before felt so many different emotions reading one story.”

Few can relate to the circumstances of growing up in an orphanage, but numerous women, men, and teenagers with whom the author has shared his story have told how they have experienced similar emotional issues in their own lives. All seem to relate to times when they have felt angry, deceived, frustrated, lonely, unloved, unwanted, and sometimes overwhelmed by other people’s actions. They also seem to express a near-universal longing for assurance that even in the most distressing circumstances we can find hope as we search for the purpose and meaning of our lives.

Castaway Kid is a book that offers such hope. Not only does it need to be read, Castaway Kid should also be given as a gift to others who need to know that, no matter how severe, the pains of the past and present don't have to determine the path of the future

-- Barbara Winslow Robidoux, Freelance book reviewer

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Orphaned by murder/suicide, victim of sexual abuseI was glued to your book, reading and crying and identifying on so many levels.

I could identify on so many levels, yet realized I reacted so differently than Rob did.

There are no convenient, cheap adjectives to explain the things that he overcame.

So many people need to see that God can work in their lives, me included.
United States

Sexually Abused Girl Blown Away, HopefulThe truth and intensity of what you said blew me away.

"What happened to you is not who you are; it is just what has happened to you."

And that God sees me and loves me, even after having been so "dirtied" after repeated sexual abuse by my own father.

I cried and cried.

Later in the week, I gave my life to Christ.

Thank you for your insight. Please pray for me. I struggle with being dirty and unworthy and suicide.

But you have given me hope. Something I haven't had in a very long time.

United States

Brazilian TeacherWhen I read a copy of your book now printed in our language, I must confess that tears flooded my face and your story was a blessing to my life !

Boa noite, Bob.
Receber no "Dia do Professor" um exemplar do livro "O Filho Rejeitado".Confesso que durante a leitura as lágrimas inundaram o meu rosto e sua história foi bênção para a minha vida!

EncouragedI am in the process of being the mentor who instills life into the heart of a struggling boy whose father abandoned him. I have been his "Nola" for almost a decade. Not only was I encouraged by the impact that godly mentors can have, but I was encouraged that the Holy Spirit can reach into hearts and teach lessons of true healing that no human could ever come close to. In a few more years as he reaches his teen years, I may have to arrange a visit from Mr. Mitchell to seek to encourage him and his friends.United States

Bawling at the endAbsolutely loved it!! couldn't put it down and was bawling at the end.

Many parts reminded me of stories my (adopted) son would tell. So many parallels (we adopted him just before he turned 16 after he spent 7 years in a foreign orphanage which followed some time living on the street of a 3rd world country). \

What an inspiration you are. I also was inspired by Nola because I am a social worker and try to make a difference in kids' lives.

Thank you for sharing your story. It was beautifully written.
United States

Cannot describeWow! In many ways this book opened some old wounds that I thought were healed but were simply scarred over.
R. B. Mitchell's words moved me in ways I cannot begin to describe. Thank you! May God bless everything you do.
United States

PhillipinesI read a book "Castaway Kid by R.B Mitchell, and I'd say it really touched my whole existence. Rob the author, help me to deepen my relationship to God, and made me appreciate more my family. No words can express how much I am thankful to all Rob. May God bless you.Philippines

Emilio This a copy of my life thanks I needed an inspiration!United States

Foothills House of Hope Hello, thank you for sending us at FHOH the great package our girls absolutely loved it. I want to see if we could get another copy of the teen resources that u sent in the packet. At this time we have been receiving a lot of calls and we love giving out more resources for families in crisis, we thank you for everything.
P.O. Box 11292 Hickory, NC 28603
Sincerely, Jackie Schronce
United States

HopeI've read your book and I loved it from beginning to end. Once I started reading this book, I couldn't put it down! I love this book and the meaning behind it. United States


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